Cleaning Treatment

High volume and low-pressure cleaning.

At Cache, we do everything we can to ensure that your roof lives up to its full potential. With our services we also include a roof cleaning and treatment solution that will ensure that your tiles, shingles, or metal do not fail due to improper roof cleaning practices.

Tile is just like any other concrete or stone porous substance and is subject to pitting and cracking when put under pressure. Many people are unaware of how much cleaning your tile can deface these tile as well as weaken the system all together. The high-pressure cleanings are also detrimental to shingles as well as they weaken the system and experience a much higher rate of granule loss. The high pressure used by common pressure washers is damaging to tile and shingles, especially when repeated every time that dreaded HOA letter comes in the mail. Cache has found the solution.

Dirt and Mildew Removed

With high volume and low-pressure cleaning systems, Cache is able to remove the dirt and mildew from your roof surface with little to no damage.

Cleaning Treatment Benefits

High Volume & Low Pressure

With high volume and low-pressure cleaning systems, Cache is able to remove the dirt and mildew from your roof surface with little to no damage. Our trained and licensed roofing professionals are all trained in the cleaning system. They know where to step to ensure tiles aren’t broken and know the correct amount of pressure needed to ensure the tile is clean but remains intact.


Repeating the cleanings is always the issue, therefore Cache has partnered and found a treatment solution capable of keeping your roof clean without ever having another cleaning. This system ensures the cleanliness of your roof with a two-year warranty and is completely organic unlike bleach and other cleaning solutions that are applied in common roof cleaning practices. This solution is so organic that it is drinkable and incapable of damaging your home or plants. The active organic ingredients in the solution prevent any growth from being able to occur. When the two years has expired, we simply come out and lightly spray another treatment avoiding the damaging cleanings and the dreaded HOA letters.

Cost Efficient

Over time you will find that the initial cost of the cleaning and treatment is absorbed by no longer needing annual cleanings of your roof tile as well preventing unnecessary costly repairs and even re-roofs that have been caused by common pressure washings in the past.

Metal Roof Cleaning

We are also here to clean your metal roof systems. Please read your warranties as most times the homeowner is unaware that a metal roof must be cleaned annually. Let us take that burden for you and have our trained professionals come out and clean your metal roof to ensure your warranty remains intact. While treatment is not available on metal at this time, the annual cleaning will be sufficient to keep your roof looking its best.

Roofing Services

We have long-standing relationships with tile product manufacturers, and we are well respected in the community we serve. We can, therefore, guarantee you a superior quality roof at a fair price.

Our Partners

We use only the highest-quality materials from these trusted manufacturers.


We have been working with Cache for years, and can’t say enough about the professionalism and level of expertise they bring to the table.


Irina Johnson


This is the only company I will ever use to fix my tile roof. They are professional, dependable and they know what they are doing. Thank you Cache! I know I’m in good hands with you!




Very nice and informative! Love the ladies at this business!


Amber Cress


The crew that fixed our roof was very nice and they cleaned up everything before they left my house. I highly recommend Cache Co.!


Matt Igou

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