Getting a Public Adjuster Involved on Your Roofing Project

When your roof is damaged the last thing you want is to have to do battle with the insurance company. But, that’s exactly what happens with many homeowners. This is made worse if the roof is compromised and is leaking, or worse still, in danger of falling in. We want you to know that there is a process that helps homeowners get a fair deal when it comes to a repair or replacement on a roof. But, like with many things, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about the process. Here’s how to know if you need a public roofing adjuster, and if so, the process to follow.

Submitting Your Roofing Damage Claim

Most home insurance companies and their policies cover damage that happens unexpectedly. For example, if your home was damaged by a storm or a tree falling on it, then it covers the cost of restoring your roof. However, many insurance companies include fine print when it comes to their policies. For example, many have an age specific rider on the policy. If your roof is older than 10 years, then they only cover a portion of the replacement cost.

Typically, a roof insurance claim follows these steps:

  • Damage occurs to your roof.
  • You may, or may not, realize it for awhile.
  • You contact your insurance company and file a claim.
  • They give you a claim number and give you further instructions.
  • The insurance company sends their own adjuster to inspect the roof.
  • In an ideal world, the insurance company agrees to repair the damage.

Unfortunately, most claims cases do not proceed that smoothly. Often the insurance company disputes the claim of damage, or suggests that there is not “enough” damage to warrant fixing it. When this happens you are able to contact a public adjuster, who is an independent adjuster. This independent adjuster evaluates your roof and then handles the insurance claim personally. They work with the insurance company to come to an agreement of terms and compensation.

Do you Need a Public Roofing Adjuster?

To be fair, there are certain types of damage to your roof that insurance does not cover. This includes normal aging and wear and tear. If there is damage to the roof and it is clear the damage happened years in the past and was not addressed, then they are less likely to pay. Often your policy excludes hurricane or hail damage, so make sure you drag out your policy to examine what exactly is covered. If the insurance company refuses to support your claim for damages, even though you are entitled to them, then it is time to call an adjuster.

Get an Estimate on Roof Repair

It is to your advantage to get at least three or more estimates on repairing your roof. The insurance company, if they support your claim, requires them anyway. If you end up having to go with a public adjuster then they’ll want to know what the roofers have said, since they’ve been up on your roof. It is often the case that the home insurance company’s adjuster has a different estimate than the independent adjuster’s assessment. When disagreements happen, it is time to hire a public adjuster. For example, say you had a tree that fell on your house. The insurance company’s adjuster suggests denying the claim because you should have removed the tree before it could fall and damage the roof.

Many home owners do not even know they have roof issues because of the pitch of their roof. The pitch is how steep the roof is. When they are steep it makes it difficult for the ordinary homeowner to actually see damage from hail, for example. Only when there is cause to be up there does the homeowner actually see the damage.

Submitting Your Roofing Repair Claim

When you first notice damage start collecting as much documentation as you can. This includes estimates from at least three roofing contractors, pictures you take of the home, provide documentation and proof of your claim. It is important to work with a roofing contractor who is experienced in dealing with insurance claims. At Cache Roofing, for example, we have incredibly good relationships with many of the insurFance companies in the area. It makes getting on with the task at hand that much easier. However, we are forbidden by law to handle or negotiate your insurance claim FOR you. That’s for the public adjuster to do.

Where to find a Public Adjuster for your Roof Repairs

Public adjusters are certified through an organization called the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters. Do a search on their website to find a public adjuster near you. Most public adjusters are compensated at around 20% of the cost of the roof. Statistics list that public adjusters recover 500% more from insurance companies than homeowners who decide to file for themselves. Public adjusters perform the following services:

  • Legally represent you to the insurance company.
  • Reviews your policy.
  • Evaluate your damage and loss.
  • Estimate the benefits to which you are entitled.

Worry Free Roof Program

Here in North Florida our Worry Free Roof Program limits the possibility you will need a public adjuster. This is because our program has us up on your roof every year to inspect it. With tile roofs the risk of long term damage is mitigated and you save money in the long run. Having someone up on your roof at least once a year makes sure that unexpected, and unwelcome, surprises don’t cause you to have to file a major claim. Cache Roofing is a tile roofing company located in Jacksonville, Florida.