Written by Ayesha Saini, Ryan Winter LLC contributing writer

Your roof is a sturdy component of your building that withstands sun, rain, wind and storms. However, everyday it gets exposed to natural elements and climate conditions. As a result, it undergoes a bit of wear and tear and faces damages like roof leaks.

Although there are no massive snowfalls or freeze and thaw cycles in Florida winters, debris and water collect on roofs. Roof sealants are necessary for pitched roofs for long-term protection. 

Finding the early signs of leakage with support from a trusted Jacksonville roofing company can help you avoid expensive repairs in the future. 

Sealants Prevent Roof Leaks

Roof sealants act as protective coatings and provide an added layer of security to the structure. Sealing your roof prolongs its life and lessens the effects of damage due to changing weather patterns and environmental pollution. 

Applying it the right way is crucial; otherwise, there can be pinhole-sized openings and cracks, which lead to roof leaks. Hence, DIY is not advisable when applying roof sealants, and only a quality roofing company in Jacksonville should handle such a task. 

Benefits of Roof Sealants

Roof sealants, when applied by an experienced Jacksonville roofing company, have many advantages, like:

UV Protection: If you have a wood shake or shingle roof, the damage can be much more significant because the material shifts with temperature. In a humid region like Florida, UV rays cause severe molecular changes in wood, leading to premature degradation. Roof sealants can prevent this issue. Tile and metal roofs withstand the effects from the Florida sun more efficiently than shingle roofs. 

Moisture-Proofing: Curling, cupping, and distortion can happen when there is no waterproof sealant applied on your roof. The sealants we use at Cache Roofing are breathable, letting moisture evaporate through them. At the same time, they resist water penetration to the underside. 

Mold Prevention: Roof sealants have a relatively low permeability, which means they don’t allow moisture retention. For this reason, a sealed roof prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms, including mold and algae.

How to Detect Roof Leaks and Bad Sealant Application?

One of Florida’s best aspects is the beautiful sun, and the region rarely sees heavy snowfall. However, tropical downpours, hurricanes, humidity, blazing sun and wintry blasts are abundant here.

Repeated wetting and drying seasons can create compound build ups and weaken the surface of your roof. A timely roof maintenance program from Cache Roofing, a Jacksonville roofing company can slow down this degradation process. 

A poorly sealed roof can cause problems like:

  • Splitting
  • Cracking
  • Cupping
  • Checks
  • Leaks

These roofing issues can cause the underlayment to weaken allowing moisture to penetrate deep into the inner surface. 

Here are some tell-tale signs to help you spot bad sealants on your roof:

Roof Leaks

Prolonged exposure to the Florida sun and severe weather conditions are primary factors for your roof to brittle and crack. Although poor roof care can be a cause, roof leaks can also happen if the sealant is not applied right. 

As part of our preventive maintenance plan, the Cache Roofing crew can replace your existing sealant and provide effective roof repair solutions early. 

Missing Flashing

If you see missing flashing around the chimney skylights and other structures installed on the roof, water can quickly enter your home. This is a direct result of chipped or broken sealing around these projections. 

The reason for this is that your previous roofing company has not prepared the surface adequately or used incorrect sealant application. Cache Roofing, your Jacksonville roofing company, can help identify why the roof sealant failure has occurred and restore it with the right replacement sealant to avoid further complications.

Pitch Pockets

Pitch pocket metals corrode with time, and a damaged sealant can also play a role in its deterioration. As a result, your roof may lose its structural integrity. 

The compromised or shrunk pitch pocket seal will need to be removed before these pitch pockets transform into leaks. By using a two-part epoxy, we install a new pitch pocket and refill the sealer. 

Sometimes, your roof may be beyond saving and needs a total replacement. It is the job of an established roofing company in Jacksonville to provide superior installation services. 

Perhaps you are concerned about your roof’s vulnerability to the elements. If so, you can consider getting a new metal roof. Metal roofs reflect solar radiant heat, offer high resistance to fire and reduce your cooling bills. 

Contact Your Jacksonville Roofing Company to Fix Roof Sealant Issues 

Choose Cache Roofing’s Worry-Free Roof Program to get comprehensive roof protection with regular maintenance. As a reputed Jacksonville roofing company in North Florida, we help homeowners detect minor roof issues in time and prevent significant damage. 

We also provide installation of metal, tile and composite roofing materials, as well as repair and reroofing services.

You get asphalt shingles by the square, in bundles, making it easier to repair and replace the damaged parts of the roof. Composite, 3-tab, wood, and clay range between $100-$800 per square. Slate shingles are the most expensive, costing around $1600 per square.